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Making Mediocre Messaging Exceptional

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How can you design and deliver an exceptional sales message, now that the world has gone virtual?  Is there hope?  Can your sales message survive in such a medium?  Is this actually a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be seized? Since the Spring of 2020 sellers have been faced with a monumental challenge...   Messages that were already struggling in a live meeting now have to survive in a medium that stacks the deck against them.  Your sales message has to compete with the ever present challenge of distraction, a startling loss of mental bandwidth in your customer and the loss of social cues that sellers so heavily relied on in a live meeting. Join Tim Pollard, and his company Oratium, to explore how to take this seemingly daunting challenge and turn it into an astonishing opportunity.    


Live Virtual Training

Highly interactive live virtual training of designing and delivering the virtual sales conversation. 


Message Consulting

Oratium can work with your team to build customer-centric sales messages that will increase sales revenue, decrease cycle time and provide consistency to your sales story.


Designing & Delivering the Virtual Sales Conversation

Virtual messaging requires a fundamental rethinking of how we articulate our value proposition in a social constrained environment. We need to build crisp messaging that is vibrant and compelling, even in the "flat" socially disconnected world of "small screen sales meetings". The Oratium messaging methodology will do exactly that: bridging the divide between buyers and sellers created by the vir...[more]

The Most Important Question In Sales

You could spend months developing the PERFECT value proposition, but if you ignore one simple (but overwhelming important) question... You're toast.

Precision in Message Delivery

One of the biggest questions we were asked when the sales world went virtual was, "How do I develop trust and credibility in the virtual environment?" In this video Tim Pollard explains one of the many ways a seller can develop more trust, credibility and a perception of increased intelligence in their sales pursuit.

The Usage of Visuals In the Virtual Sales Message

One of the benefits of the virtual sales message environment is that visuals are incredibly easy to use. Unfortunately, it's also very easy to use WAY too many. In this video Tim Pollard explains how to use visuals in the best possible way. Visuals that don't detract from your message or cause your audiences to simply tune out.