ACCOUNT PLANS: Grow Key Accounts

ACCOUNT PLANS: Grow Key Accounts

Enable Account Management teams with a platform made up of dashboards, frameworks, calculators, workflows and presentations that build on CRM capabilities. With Valkre, improve and retain partnerships with key Accounts that deliever short, mid, and long term growth results.


Specifically, Valkre empowers:

SAMA-Certified Account Plans

Proven workflow, feaured at the heart of SAMA's Certification program; this includes all the necessary internal and customer focused tools for World Class Account Management.

Integrated Coaching

Configurable coaching templates integrated into Account Plans to help guide the continus improvement of planning and Account Management capability.

Account-Based Marketing

Dedicated module for Marketing and the rest of the orginization to supply reusable Pffering Playbooks taht can be directly downloaded into Account Plans.


Valkre provides a comprehensive, configuarble platform that consists of modules designed to solve critical accounts. LEARN MORE